The hunt is on for Geelong’s Best Chicken Parmigiana

Welcome to ‘The Parmatiser’ Geelong’s very own hunt for the regions best Chicken Parmigiana.
The humble Aussie Pub meal has come along way from being a bread crumbed schnitzel, lathered with Napoli sauce with a slice of fresh swine under melted cheese. Today’s Parmagiana’s have their very own nights at the local pub and some even happily sit on your locals specials board.


I’ll give you a hint right now…

If you happen to have a Chicken Parmi at The Grovedale Hotel, ask for the Aussie Parmi. You won’t find it on any menu or specials board. It is only served on special occasions. 9 times out of 10 the kitchen staff are more than happy to make it for you. I wont tell you how good it is right now…. You’ll have to wait for that.


99% of pubs will have a Chicken Parmigiana on their menu. With so many pubs in Geelong to choose from, Who has the best? What is the Best Value Parmi? And should you be changing your local watering hole for the Parmi of your dreams?

So come with us on this quest to find Geelong’s best Chicken Parmagiana!!

Stay tune for our very first Chicken Parmigiana rating coming this weekend.




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