The Search #1 Mt Moriac Pub


Where you say? Mt Moriac Pub. 1115 Princes Highway, Mt Moriac.
When was this? 04/05/2014
How much you ask? $25

Welcome to the first official search for the Geelong regions best Chicken Parmigiana.
What a cracking first up Chicken Parmigiana it was. The Mt Moriac Pub sits atop of the hill just out the back of Waurn Ponds, Geelong. It is a massive pub with plenty of room to move about. Really has everything you would want in a pub.

We arrived to be greeted by happy and friendly bar staff. (Cheerful is always a good start) Flicked through the menu and three things impressed me:

One: The simple but very informative and easy to read menu.
Two: The Cost of the Chicken Parmigiana. Without seeing a Chicken Parmigiana you can usually gage what sort of a feed you will get for the price. And when I saw $25 I was secretly excited for what would come out of the kitchen.
Three: Oysters!! Not many pubs in the Geelong region do oysters any more so I had to purchase them. (If they are on the menu… I will buy them) Kilpatrick of course.

Moriac Menu

So we ordered and waited for our meal whilst sitting at the bar talking to the friendly bar staff. It wasn’t extremely busy, but its always good to have the bar staff join in conversation as they go about the daily routine. After about 10 minutes the Oysters had arrived. They smelt amazing. The only thing I could fault the oysters on was the size. Anyway, we are not here for the Oysters…


The main event had arrived. I was blown away when I had the marvellous creation we call the Chicken Parmigiana placed in front of me. First impressions really count and the size of the Parmigiana and the glistening melted cheese left me speechless. I got down to business and for the next ten minutes there was virtually no words spoken.

I love the salad in the side bowl. This really gives the diner a choice on when and how they eat their salad. I had no problems with the salad. Great dressing and variety. Lettuce, onion, cherry tomatoes and carrot.

The chips were unfortunately buried under the chicken.
Now I am not one to debate the placement of the Parmigiana on top of the chips or to the side, but the fact the chicken was so large, it just had to go on top. Again this is where the separate salad bowl comes in handy. I placed the salad bowl on the bar and was able to clear a few chips for ease, to devour. I ordered gravy with my meal and had to asked for the gravy again after my meal had arrived. This impacted on the chips score.

All in all, this is a Chicken Parmigiana that I am very happy to recommend to anyone who may be in the area, or even travelling through to Colac or the Great Ocean Road. Call in and see the crew at Mt Moriac Pub and enjoy a great feed.

Now to the ratings:

Chicken Parmigiana = 85.0
The Chips = 61.25
The Salad = 73.75
Service + Value = 80.0

Total Score = 75.0

The search will and must go on….

Cheers. #TheParmatiser


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