The Search #5 The Sporting Globe Geelong


Where you say? The Sporting Globe Geelong. 175-177 Ryrie St, Geelong.
When was this? 18/05/2014
How much you ask? $24.90 for The Premiership Parma

In 2007 the Geelong Football Club broke a 44 year premiership drought when they trounced Port Adelaide by a whopping 119 points. They then went on to win two more premierships in 2009 and 2011. So how fitting it is that The Sporting Globe Geelong has named a Chicken Parmigiana after the feats of their hometown heroes. I give to you “The Premiership Parma”


The Premiership Parma is one of their specialty parmas and is priced at $24.90


So lets jump in to it…. The Chicken.

A top notch bird cooked to perfection that melted in the mouth. Cut beautifully and was superbly held together by the melted tasty and mozzarella cheese. The mushrooms were a surprising standout on top of the Napoli sauce whilst the bacon, salami and Spanish onions complimented the bird beautifully. Top Marks for this effort!!

The Chips.
A great serving of steak chips seasoned beautifully. All that The Parmatiser have to say about The Chips is they weren’t the main focus but they did help the dish gain a higher score. Great chips!! Side note… I normally order gravy with my meals but forgot on this occasion. I did not need the gravy for extra flavour. Good sign for the chips.

The Salad.
Again, another venue that (Thank God) separates the salad in a side bowl. A stock standard salad with garden salad, carrot, onion and cherry tomatoes. Topped with a drizzle of salad dressing, it was enough to freshen up the meal.


Overall, the price of $24.90 for the specialty parma may drive a few back to the traditional MVP Chicken Parmigiana which is priced at $20.90, but The Sporting Globe Geelong also has a Parma night on Wednesday night with $13.90 MVP’s and $15.90 Specialty Parmas. Other specialty parmas included:


So onto the much anticpated scores….

Chicken Parmigiana = 84.75%
The Chips = 81.87%
The Salad = 72.75%
Service + Value = 70%

Total Score = 77.34%


The search will and must go on…


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