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The Search #5 The Sporting Globe Geelong


Where you say? The Sporting Globe Geelong. 175-177 Ryrie St, Geelong.
When was this? 18/05/2014
How much you ask? $24.90 for The Premiership Parma

In 2007 the Geelong Football Club broke a 44 year premiership drought when they trounced Port Adelaide by a whopping 119 points. They then went on to win two more premierships in 2009 and 2011. So how fitting it is that The Sporting Globe Geelong has named a Chicken Parmigiana after the feats of their hometown heroes. I give to you “The Premiership Parma”


The Premiership Parma is one of their specialty parmas and is priced at $24.90


So lets jump in to it…. The Chicken.

A top notch bird cooked to perfection that melted in the mouth. Cut beautifully and was superbly held together by the melted tasty and mozzarella cheese. The mushrooms were a surprising standout on top of the Napoli sauce whilst the bacon, salami and Spanish onions complimented the bird beautifully. Top Marks for this effort!!

The Chips.
A great serving of steak chips seasoned beautifully. All that The Parmatiser have to say about The Chips is they weren’t the main focus but they did help the dish gain a higher score. Great chips!! Side note… I normally order gravy with my meals but forgot on this occasion. I did not need the gravy for extra flavour. Good sign for the chips.

The Salad.
Again, another venue that (Thank God) separates the salad in a side bowl. A stock standard salad with garden salad, carrot, onion and cherry tomatoes. Topped with a drizzle of salad dressing, it was enough to freshen up the meal.


Overall, the price of $24.90 for the specialty parma may drive a few back to the traditional MVP Chicken Parmigiana which is priced at $20.90, but The Sporting Globe Geelong also has a Parma night on Wednesday night with $13.90 MVP’s and $15.90 Specialty Parmas. Other specialty parmas included:


So onto the much anticpated scores….

Chicken Parmigiana = 84.75%
The Chips = 81.87%
The Salad = 72.75%
Service + Value = 70%

Total Score = 77.34%


The search will and must go on…


The Search #4 The Belmont Hotel


Where you say? The Belmont Hotel.77 High st Belmont
When was this? 13/05/2014
How much you ask? $16.50


Nothing beats a Chicken Parmigiana when the sun is shining and the Celsius is 23 degrees. So that’s why The Parmatiser got along to The Belmont Hotel this week, to take in one of their Parmas.

We entered a bar that had 7 people seated inside with another 6 people sitting outside on the balcony. Lets not forget this was mid week and the weather was perfect. The majority of the time the place is packed. Straight up to the bar and within two minutes our order was placed and drinks were served.

We didn’t have to wait long for The Birds to fly out of the kitchen, and my hungry stomach was thankful for this. Lets jump straight into it.

The Chicken Parmigiana. A good looking bird perched atop of chips resting beside the salad. You could tell it was hot by how the cheese was still melting on top of the Napoli and Ham. The thick juicy parma possibly could have been thinned a little more and given a rounder shape. The Bird wouldn’t win many B&F’s be this is certainly a weekly performer.

The Salad. When we think of salads, I always think of Homer Simpson and his “You don’t win friends with Salad” chant. But… The Belmont Hotels salad is a Friend of mine. Fresh, crisp and delicious would be how I describe this salad. Filled with Garden salad leaves, carrot, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, onion and mushrooms. Beautifully topped with a great salad dressing. Can I just buy the Salad???


The chips. Well they were a little disappointing for me. Enough of them but its just lucky I ordered gravy with my meal. No flavour and lightly salted. They were also hidden away under the Chicken. An area of improvement for sure.


So in closing, a good bird for a midweek feed. Certainly filled me up but left me wanting more. The salad was the highlight of the meal. The Belmont Hotel do have a Parma night on Monday’s so The Parmatiser will be hoping for greater results in the future.

Parmi night

Now to the ratings:

Chicken Parmigiana = 66%
The Chips = 65%
The Salad = 75.25%
Service + Value = 77.50%

Total Score = 72%

The search will and must go on…

The Search #2 Parmi Bandit @ The Clarendon


Where you say? Parmi Bandit @ The Clarendon. 378 La Trobe Terrace Newtown. Opposite Geelong’s very own Simmonds Stadium.
When was this? 10/05/2014
How much you ask? $12.90


I know I can hardly believe it as well. The search for Geelong’s best Chicken Parmigiana took me to Australia’s First Drive Thru Parmi. The Clarendon in Newtown has a neatly tucked away drive through, that caters for the morning traffic heading to work in Melbourne, with that coffee hit. They also have meal options. Everything from Caesar Salads to 6 different varieties of Chicken Parmagiana’s (Traditional, Italian, Hawaiian, Mexican, Spanish and Avocado) and 11 different Pizza’s. They also have a reasonably price dessert menu available for $6.90. (Sticky date Pudding, Cheese Cake and Mousse)


To start the ball rolling you only need to follow three simple steps:
Step one = Call Parmi Bandit on 5221 9584
Step Two = Jump in the car
Step Three = Pull into the drive through and grab your Parmi


I pulled into the drive through and was greeted with a smiling young lady. On receiving my Drive Thru Parmi I initially said to myself “That is a huge box” I was then secretly hoping the Parmi was as huge. I was not disappointed.

Arriving home I sat down and opened up the box and was amazed at the size of the Bird, but also the amount of chips and the salad and dressing which were both in there own small containers. Great Start.

So lets start with the Chicken Parmigiana. A good to great schnitzel. Great size and plenty of topping. The schnitzel itself was very bread crumb heavy. The bread crumb hadn’t completely crisped all the way to the chicken. Good topping of Napoli and ham with beautifully melted cheese. The topping did tend to come away from the schnitzel in the centre of the chicken. No Biggie though…

A good little garden fresh salad accompanied our Bird. Consisting of Cherry Tomatoes, radish, onion, red capsicum and fresh garden salad leaves. Packaged in its own plastic container and with a separate salad dressing, this certainly gives the customer a choice a when they eat it. I ate it straight from the container whilst devouring the bird. Could have done with a bigger serving but it was still very satisfying and delicious. The Radish was a little added bonus for me!


The Chips were great. Beer battered and plenty of them. I certainly could not finish them all. They only qualm I have with the chips was they were over salted. You certainly could not sit there and eat the whole serving of chips with out a drink. Some people like a well salted chip but it wasn’t for me. Great serving though.

This was an exceptionally great Chicken Parmigiana meal for the $12.90 price tag. I would certainly recommend it if you were in a hurry, feeling lazy on the drive home from work or heading into town on a Saturday night on an empty stomach.
Put it this way…. You could go to Subway and spend almost the same amount on a 12 inch meal and not be as satisfied. Give the Parmi Bandit a go!!

The Parmi Bandit receives an extra bonus point for being a drive through service.

Now to the ratings:

Chicken Parmigiana = 76.75
The Chips = 72.50
The Salad = 70
Service + Value = 90

Total Score = 77.31

And the New Leader is The Parmi Bandit

The search will and must go on…